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Putin Warns of ‘Completely Different War’ if West Chooses Conflict With Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Sunday that if Western countries like the US want to go to war with Russia, it would be “completely different” from the special military operation in Ukraine.

Putin made assessments about the Russia-Ukraine war and Russia-China relations in an interview with Russian state broadcaster Rossiya.

Speaking about Ukraine’s counteroffensive, Putin said it has “completely failed.”

“We know that in some conflict zones, the other side is still preparing active attack operations. We see this, and we respond accordingly,” he said.

He emphasized that what is happening along the contact line is called “active defense” and said that Russian military units are strengthening their positions in this entire area. He pointed out that this is true for Kupyansk, Zaporizhzhia and Avdiivka as well, as this area is quite extensive.

Putin also addressed the claim that Russia and China are forming a new military bloc, noting that the West constantly creates alliances.

“We have said this many times. We do not unite within such military and political alliances. Americans do that. Moreover, they force their allies to worsen their relations with Russia and China,” he he said.

Putin emphasized that China was not engaging in a battle with the West and the US pulled Europe into that by choosing this path. He said Europe does not want to quarrel with Beijing and their trade volume with China continues to increase.

He pointed out that it is not them but Western countries that are continually forming military and political blocs like AUKUS.

Putin also commented on a proposal in the US Congress to prepare for simultaneous wars with Russia and China, including considering the option of a nuclear conflict.

“I don’t think these are healthy thoughts that came to the minds of healthy people because to say that the US is preparing for war with Russia, well…We are all preparing for war because we follow the well-known ancient principle: If you want peace, prepare for war.”

“We act on the assumption that we want peace,” he added.

“Look at the Middle East. Does it look like a special military operation? How can you even compare? he said.

Putin described the possibility of war with both Russia and China as “nonsense” and said he believes none of this is serious but brought up to scare someone.

Source : AA