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Indonesia: Police Chiefs replaced in shake up

Jakarta (16/12). Local media reported in late November that the National Police Chief, General Idham Azis , overhauled a number command positions in Metro Jaya Police. General Idham is scheduled to retire early next year.

Observers reacted positively about the leadership finally stepping in what has been a taxing year for the public. Abusive police actions, corruption, mismanagement of the public and abuses of power by police has alienated the public. Extortion deeply entrenched in the ranks remains the fundamental problem with the Indonesian police.

The culture of extortion of elements of the state continues to hamper business confidence regardless of the attempts by the administration to attract foreign investment. According to research a whopping 91% of Indonesian expressed that corruption is widespread.

Besides the shake up on the top, the National Chief of Police also removed and replaced a number of low-level district police chiefs.

Unfortunately, corruption in the ranks remains the main problem for image of the Indonesian police. The public has little recourse nor the confidence that the police cleans up its ranks. And here is where the political leadership misses the opportunity. Recent Gallup reports showed that 8 out of 10 Indonesians are suffering some from of police extortion and ‘fees’ in the hand of the police.

The Head of Metro Jaya Regional Police, Inspector General Nana Sudjana and West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Rudy Sufahriadi fell victim to the aftermath of the activities at the weeding of Habib Rizieq Syihab’s activities. 

In the aftermath which killed six followers of the cleric’s entourage calls for a change were louder.

Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Heru Novianto and Bogor Police Chief AKBP Roland Rolandy were also removed. Heru Novianto is scheduled to attend the command and staff college of the armed forces (SOSKO TNI) next year.

The position of Kapolda Metro Jaya was entrusted to Inspector General Fadil Imran, who previously served as Head of East Java Regional Police. Meanwhile, the West Java Police Chief was handed over to Inspector General Ahmad Dofiri.

The Central Jakarta Police Chief was entrusted to Kombes Hengki Haryadi. Meanwhile, the position of Bogor Police Chief was filled by AKBP Harun.

Local media reported at least four district police chiefs following the top shake up.

One incident has caused an international outcry and the swift action to replace the police officer is seen as a favourable by diplomatic observers. “Certain practices have no place in a democratic police force”, said one observer. reported:

Kapolres Metro South Jakarta Kombes Budi Sartono transferred as Intermediate Policy Analyst for Criminal Investigation at Bareskrim Polri. He was replaced by Kombes Azis Andriansyah, who previously served as Kapolresta Depok.

The Depok Police Chief was filled with Kombes Imran Edwin Siregar, who previously served as Director of the Regional Police for the Aceh Regional Police.

The West Jakarta Police Chief Kombes Audie S Latuheru has been transferred as Intermediate Policy Analyst for Criminal Investigation at the Police Criminal Investigation Division. 

He was transferred only after eleven (11) months on the job and police watch groups raised concerns his planned rotation to the command and staff college of the armed forces (SESKO TNI) next year.

His position was replaced by Kombes Ady Wibowo, who previously served as Associate Policy Analyst for the Regident Sector of the National Police Corps.

Kapolres Metro Bekasi City Kombes Wijanarko transferred as Intermediate Policy Analyst for Criminal Investigation at Bareskrim Polri. His position was replaced by Kombes Aloysius Suprijadi, who previously served as the Head of SPN Lido Polda Metro.

Bogor Police Chief Kombes Hendri Fiuser replaced by Kombes Susatyo Purnomo Condro. Kombes Susatyo Purnomo Condro previously served as Director of Narcotics at the Banten Police.

AKBP Stefanus Tamuntuan Wakapolres Metro East Jakarta was appointed to a new position as Head of Propam Polda Kepri. He replaces Kombes Agus Nurpatria who was transferred as Kaden A Ropaminal Divpropam Polri.

The position of East Jakarta Metro Deputy Police Chief was assumed by AKBP Ahmad Fanani Eko Prasetya, who previously served as Head of Blitar Police. The Blitar Police Chief was filled by AKBP Leonard M Sinambela.

South Tangerang Police Chief AKBP Iman Setiawan was replaced by AKBP Iman Imanuddin. AKBP Iman Imanuddin previously served as Kanit II Subdit I Dittipidsiber Bareskrim Polri.