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India’s PM Modi and Muslim World League Chief Discuss Diversity

RIYADH: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with Secretary-General of the Muslim World League Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa during his visit to New Delhi, India, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Saturday.

During the meeting several topics were discussed, including Indian diversity within the framework of the country’s national constitution and its principles.

The Indian Islamic Cultural Center celebrated the visit by the MWL delegation by organizing a lecture delivered by Al-Issa, in the presence of senior Islamic religious leaders in India, including muftis, scholars.

Al-Issa, who is also chairman of the Association of Muslim Scholars, addressed the essential milestones in Islamic values, reviewing multiple models for their civilizational advancement, building bridges of understanding and peace between civilizations, and strengthening friendship and cooperation between nations and peoples.

He said that Muslims were guided by their faith to comprehend the wisdom of God in human diversity.

Al-Issa also stressed that the Islamic component in India was proud of its patriotism and state institutions and its affiliation with the Indian nation, emphasizing the need for religious awareness to promote understanding, coexistence and cooperation.