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Christmas 2020: Bali or Dubai?

In recent days the Corona virus hysteria is facing a serious crisis. Not for us but for the virus. Christmas! Yes the season for family, holidays and well, some joys in life. But where to go. Travel is out of the question. Politicians are semi-hysterical. Tourist resorts had to lay employees off, the situation is grim.

Bali reported 90% of the tourism sector is dead, 80,000 or more workers in the sector are unemployed. However, two slick opportunities are for the freewheeling, single spirits. One is in Bali and the other one is a slick marketing campaign in Dubai.

Dubai offers some interesting choices. The iconic Palm Jumeirah has a nifty little Christmas holiday campaign going to refresh Covid 19 much neglected traveler offers for singles, families, soon to be singles, or just to meet new friends. Its worthwhile checking out. These ladies certainly had.

The campaign can be seen here. Like nothing better to see, no doubt.

If you need some sun Dubai provides ample of sand, sun and fun. Even if you just like to hang out as Gabe Sterling from the UK and Yana Loginova shows us.

With Winter hitting the U.S. and Europe we still in the Covid-19 lock downs a bit of sun and good vibes as Corrie Yee shown us could actually be the recipe for fast recovery.

So we hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a better 2021, because 2020, we better write off.