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Thailand: Adverse weather forecast across northern and central provinces through at least April 16

Severe weather forecast across northern and central Thailand through at least April 16. Possible transport, business, utility disruptions.


Adverse weather is forecast across northern and central Thailand through at least April 16. As of early April 14, the Thai Meteorological Department has issued a weather warning for summer storms in the region April 15-16. The storms are forecast to initially break out in parts of the northeastern and eastern regions April 15 before spreading across much of central, eastern, northeastern, and northern Thailand April 16. Gusty winds, lightning, and hail are possible during thunderstorms.

Strong winds could fell trees and power lines as well as cause damage to unsecured infrastructure. Flooding and landslides are possible in areas where thunderstorms produce intense rainfall. Officials could update and possibly extend the coverage of the relevant weather alerts over the coming days.

Hazardous Conditions
Thunderstorms could produce rounds of heavy precipitation, strong winds, and isolated thunderstorm activity in parts of northern and central Thailand. In areas where sustained rainfall occurs, flash and areal flooding are possible. Such flooding is possible in low-lying communities near watercourses and other large bodies of water, as well as in urban areas with easily overwhelmed stormwater drainage systems. Sites located downstream of large reservoirs may be subject to flash flooding after relatively short periods of intense rainfall. Landslides are possible in hilly or mountainous areas, especially where the soil has become saturated by heavy rainfall.

The severe weather could contribute to transport disruptions throughout the region. Traffic and commercial trucking delays might occur along regional highways. Flooding downpours could inundate some low-lying roads in areas with poor drainage. Strong winds might also pose a hazard to high-profile vehicles. Hazardous weather conditions might cause flight delays and cancellations at regional airports.


Seek updated information on weather and related disruptions, including road conditions before driving or routing shipments through areas where severe weather is forecast. Plan accordingly for potential freight delivery delays if routing shipments by truck through the affected area. Do not attempt to drive through flooded areas. Charge battery-powered devices if prolonged electricity outages occur.


Thai Meteorological Department

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