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Taiwan, Us Sign 5-year F-16v Maintenance Contract

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Taiwan and the United States have signed a five-year contract covering technical support and maintenance for 140 F-16 fighter jets after they have been upgraded to F-16V status, reports said Friday (Feb. 24).

The upgrading was expected to be completed this year, but the NT$1.44 billion (US$47.47 million) contract will insure servicing by U.S. staff posted in Taiwan at least until the end of 2027, the Liberty Times reported.

As on previous occasions involving other weapons systems, the Air Force entrusted the country’s military mission in the U.S. by signing the contract with the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT).

Military officials said increasing threats from China would result in closer cooperation with Washington, and in the posting of more U.S. technical staff in Taiwan to service weapons systems ranging from radars and missiles to fighter jets.

Since October, the two countries have signed several agreements covering a range of maintenance and repair projects.

Source : Taiwan News