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Taiwan Added As A ‘Deep Week’ Destination

Organizers of the Deep Week series of freediving events have added Taiwan as a new destination and venue for 2023.

The training camp will take place November 18-25, 2023 on Xiaoliuqiu (Lambai Island), and will be led by Adam Stern and World Champion Freediver Alexey Molchanov as well as Taiwanese freedivers Afa Zhang, Huang Hua Yang, Wen Hsiang Huang and Mia Hou.

Bookings open on April 24th, and the event will cost NTD$39,000/~US$1280/~€1165 if you register in the first 30 days, and NTD$45,500/~US$1493/~€1361 after that.

Source: Deeper Blue