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Qatar joins Arab League Council meet on Israeli aggression on Nablus

Qatar participated on Thursday in the meeting of the extraordinary session of the Arab League Council held at the level of permanent delegates, at the headquarters of the League of Arab States, to discuss Arab and international action to confront Israel’s brutal aggression against the city of Nablus and the occupied Palestinian territories.

The State of Qatar was represented in the meeting by its permanent representative to the League of Arab States.

Held at the request of the State of Palestine, the meeting discussed the provision of international protection for the Palestinian people against the continuous and escalating Israeli aggression, which resulted in Wednesday’s heinous massacre in the West Bank’s city of Nablus that killed and wounded dozens of Palestinians.

Addressing the meeting, Permanent Representative of the State of Palestine to the League of Arab States Ambassador Diab Al Louh, said that this emergency meeting aims to support the Palestinian people’s stance and steadfastness, provide them with international protection, and to activate the “Uniting for Peace” UN General Assembly resolution, with follow-up by the UN Secretary-General and the Security Council.

Al Louh added that the Israeli occupation forces committed on Wednesday a bloody and heinous massacre targeting the elderly, children, women and youth in the city of Nablus, leaving 11 martyrs and more than 100 injured with live bullets, lambasting the move as part of the occupation government’s continuous crime series against the Palestinian people.

Israel’s crime in Nablus is a new slap to the international community and a response to the Security Council statement two days before this crime, disregarding the international position and its institutions and considering itself above international law, Al Louh said.

Hardly does a single day pass without a bloody massacre and heinous crime committed by the Israeli occupation and its armed settler gangs against Palestinian people, he said.

Source : The Peninsula Qatar