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Anwar Ibrahim to contest in Perak in upcoming Malaysia General Election

by Amar Deshmukh

Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman Anwar Ibrahim has confirmed that he will be contesting in the federal constituency of Tambun, Perak for the upcoming general election. 

Speaking during a PH event on Thursday (Oct 20) night to launch the coalition’s manifesto, Mr Anwar said: “I will be leaping into politics in Perak (for the upcoming polls) … I did not choose a constituency which guarantees a huge majority. I’m a leader, and I must be brave to fight and win Tambun in the election.

“Perak will be the frontline of our battle during these upcoming polls, and that’s why I will be contesting in Tambun.”

Mr Anwar, who is the incumbent Member of Parliament for Port Dickson, had previously refused to specify which seat he would be contesting when asked by reporters. 

In September, he said that the seat must have an “added advantage” for Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and PH. 

“Honestly, I have not decided on the choice of the seat to contest but I will certainly consider a seat held by a ‘traitor’ of PKR and PH”, he was quoted as saying then. 

The incumbent Member of Parliament for Tambun is Ahmad Faizal Azumu, who is also deputy president for Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) and caretaker Youth and Sports Minister.

Mr Ahmad Faizal had been declared a “traitor” by PH members for his role in the collapse of the Perak state government in 2020 by switching sides to Perikatan Nasional shortly after the Sheraton Move.

During the event on Thursday, which was attended by around 7,000 party representatives, PH launched its manifesto that focused on eradicating corruption in government and helping the people through high cost of living due to rising inflation. 

The PH manifesto was launched in line with the coalition’s slogan for the polls “Kita Boleh” or “We Can”. 

In his speech, Mr Anwar said: “Our slogan ‘We Can’ is based on the fact we will do whatever it takes to help the people … We must win because we want to affect change in this country.

“The issues faced by the people, such as high prices of basic goods like eggs, chicken and vegetables, are burdening the population.”

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